Only For Lovers

Only lovers can access this page. It is a real love blog. I'm expecting comments from lovers (who are in love now or ever). You can add any comment about these images. Plz type what you feel, how you feel about your lover. Please don't use any language that hurts people. Stay for sometime with each n every picture and think about you lover.

What I feel, being with a lover is the greatest time for someone. We can enjoy the love moments each n every time we stay with each other. How we feel when we hug, how we feel when we have a candlelit dinner, how we feel when we touch each other, how we feel when we kiss each other..... the feeling is heavenly..... we can't express the feeling with the words... every part of our body jerks when we love.... what is a heaven that we never know but being with a beloved one is always a heaven feel moments.

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